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Indexers SSL Problem

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Hi guys.

I'm trying to configure my two indexers to receive data with SSL.

My inputs.conf configuration is:

# [Splunktcp: // 9997]
[Splunktcp-ssl: // 9997]

rootCA = $SPLUNK_HOME / etc / apps / MY_all_certificates / certs / MY_CA.pem
serverCert = $SPLUNK_HOME / etc / apps / MY_all_certificates / certs / MY_host.pem
sslPassword = mypassword
requireClientCert = true
# If using compressed = true, it must be set on the forwarder outputs as well.
# compressed = true

But I get an error on Indexers in splunkd:

ERROR TcpInputConfig - SSL context cannot be created two required serverCert parameter from [SSL] room. Will not open splunk to splunk (SSL) IPv4 port 9997

The problem is that it does not specify what the parameter is.


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Did you ever found out what is causing this error? I've seem to have the same problem.

Surely I've sat the "serverCert" parameter in the SSL stanza, but nevertheless, Splunk doesn't seem to accept it.

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