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Index zip files with hierarchical folder structure


I have a folder with plenty of zip files. Every zip is a zipped folder with folder inside a folder and the deepest folder contains an XML file.

The zip contains file like this;
ZipFolder > src > log > 20160605183045.xml.

The zip files are present in the below location,
D:\BrowniesApp\Logs[zip files present here]

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You are going to have to unzip these to get them to work. You would eventually decide to do this anyway because the Archiving Queue is processed with a single-thread which means that it takes FOREVER to forward zip files and it almost always has backups leading to BIG problems. The only solution is to unzip them or install multiple instances of Splunk and partition the sets of files. So setup a cron job to unzip them and copy them somewhere else and have Splunk monitor that other directory (perhaps in batch mode to delete them once forwarded).

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