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In the netflow streaming app, why am I unable to see the netflow data?

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Hi There, I've configured the stream app and streamfwd.log as follow:

netflowReceiver.0.ip =
netflowReceiver.0.port = 9996
netflowReceiver.0.protocol = udp
netflowReceiver.0.decoder = netflow

UDP Netflow is coming in on the splunk server, confirmed with TCPDUMP

However, I don't get the netflow data and see these kinds of errors in streamfwd.log:

Caught exception in openDatagramListenersystem:99 bind
Unable to start any Netflow Receivers

Input.conf Local:


splunk_stream_app_location = http://localhost:8000/en-us/custom/splunk_app_stream/
stream_forwarder_id =
disabled = 0


disabled = true
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@heskez, this seems same as your previous question

Please confirm. If these are the same then you would need to add detail to your previous question itself.

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It's the same yes. But this one has a better overview.

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