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In deploymentclient.conf, how can we use a variable to mention the hostname of the machine for the clientname entry?


Dear All,

In our environment, we are planning to push a splunkforwarder to a Windows server. Part of that, we are copying deploymentclient.conf file to each and every machine.

My requirement is,

In deploymentclient.conf, there is a entry for clientname=<hostname>.

How can we use a variable to mention the hostname of the machine for clientname entry.

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clientname = $HOSTAME under the deployment-client stanza is all you need to do.

  1. Create an APP called something like mydeploymentclient.
  2. Create a local directory folder under the mydeploymentclient APP folder
  3. In local directory folder copy or create deploymentclient.conf into it.
  4. Edit deploymentclient.conf to insert this stanza. [deployment-client] clientname = $HOSTNAME
  5. Add APP directory folder to deployment-apps of your deployment server
  6. Use forwarder management UI and add APP to your server class
  7. Run command 'Reload deploy-server' afterwards and your changes will take place.



When you install splunk it will automagically grab the hostname of the host you are installing splunk on. We use a silent install script that simply installs the splunk forwarder and points the host to the deployment server. The script looks like this:

msiexec.exe /i splunkforwarder-6.2.4-271043-x64-release.msi DEPLOYMENT_SERVER="hostname:8089" AGREETOLICENSE=Yes /quiet

Again it will automatically use the hostname that was assigned to the machine.
Hope that helps!

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