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Importing 'old' data set results in incorrect date extraction after 2010

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Trying to import a CSV with dates going back 50+ years (
I have correctly set the props date extraction and it works, except for events after 2010.
What's happened is all the "old" dates are now bunched up at 6/7/2010 and haven't extracted properly.

I know their is quarantine settings for indexes.conf but that should still display the data correctly it just puts it into different buckets on disk.....

Is there a limitation of how 'old' data you can import? How can I fix it?

[ dow_jones_index_csv ]
description=Comma-separated value format. Set header and other settings in "Delimited Settings"
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You'll likely need to increase MAX_DAYS_AGO in props.conf:

MAX_DAYS_AGO = <integer>
* Specifies the maximum number of days past, from the current date, that an extracted date  can be valid.
* For example, if MAX_DAYS_AGO = 10, Splunk ignores dates that are older than 10 days ago.
* Defaults to 2000 (days), maximum 10951.
* IMPORTANT: If your data is older than 2000 days, increase this setting.

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I tried increasing to:
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 4294967295

but it didnt make a difference....

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