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Importing CSV files with semi colon separated value.

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Hello everybody.

I am working on data sources which are CSV files with semi-colon separated values.
Splunk seems to accept only CSV files with comma seprated value.
I have tried to create a data type under the "settings/data type menu" to add a structured source type with semicolon as field separator.

The problem is that I can't select the semicolon in the "field separator" dropdown.

Is anybody has found a solution to fix that issue?

Best regards

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As this might be helpful for others still looking for a solution:
When adding data after selecting Source type: csv you should be able to to open the Advanced menu at the bottom.
There you can click on New Settings and add Name FIELD_DELIMITER with Value ;
After applying the settings it should work as desired (tested using Splunk 7.1.4).

Kind regards

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Hi thank you for your answer,

I have created a lookup file with the french version of Excel and have saved it as .CSV.
However, that version is using the semicolon character (;) as a separator instead of a comma, and splunk doesn't recognize that pattern.

So i thought Splunk could alIow me to create a data type (.csv) which recognize the patern with semi-colon separator (VALUE1;VALUE2...), but seems like it is not the case..

I have manually edited the lookup file.

Best regards

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Hi ,

Only CSV files can be used for lookups. You will need to write a script to convert the file from semi-colon separated to CSV. Or perhaps use a manual tool to convert the file to CSV (for example, Microsoft Excel can import data with arbitrary delimiters).

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