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IIS Advanced Logging Sourcetype


I have been trying to find some information on getting IIS Advanced logging data parsed correctly in splunk. I worked through creating a separate sourcetype, and modifying the fields through the splunk web interface, but this is not entirely consistent as the header data is now indexing with the new sourcetype. I plan on filtering that out, but I get the feeling I am creating a lot more work than this should be. It seems Splunk should have something built in to handle advanced logs consistently? Does anyone have any advice, or points to a document that I can refer to for making this happen? Thanks a bunch.


Because of some of the changes in the way certain fields were generated using Advanced Logging (like the lack of + for spaces in certain fields, like the User Agent), we changed delimiters from just a space or tab to a pipe ( | ) by editing the C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\schema\IISAdvancedLogging_schema.xml file.

We changed this line:

<attribute name="delimiter"                     type="string"   defaultValue=" " />

to this

<attribute name="delimiter"                     type="string"   defaultValue="|" />

Then we defined the fields in our transforms.conf like this (trying to stick with all of the usual IIS log field names because we have lots of searches using them from before our switch from standard to advanced logging):


Works great for us.