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I installed 10 forwarders, but why do I only see the first 5 hosts I created in Splunk Web?


I am trying to set up our Splunk Cloud Light.
I installed 10 forwarders on our different services.

The problem is that when to go the "Add Data" window to start creating data sources, I see only the first 5 hosts I created.

Where I can find the all the hosts?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In your Splunk Light instance, open the sidebar menu and look under System > Forwarder monitoring and/or System > Forwarder Management. The Forwarder Monitoring dashboard displays a list of the total count of forwarders you have configured, with a status for each forwarder. The Forwarder Management dashboard lists universal forwarders configured as deployment clients.

Note, it might take a few minutes for all of your forwarders to display as they need to load as Splunk Light cloud service updates.

See for detailed information about adding universal forwarders and getting data into Splunk Light cloud service.