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How to use a drop-down menu to filter a Saved Search?


I have a saved search

|inputlookup 2040Info.csv 

It produces a table like this
alt text

How would I use drop-down menus to be able to see for example Status that is not use, or just information on ip

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Like this:

  <label>Your Label Here</label>
  <description>Your Description Here</description>
  <fieldset submitButton="false" autoRun="true">
    <input type="text" token="IPAddress_token" searchWhenChanged="true">
      <label>IP Address</label>
    <input type="dropdown" token="Status_token" searchWhenChanged="true">
      <choice value="*">ALL</choice>
      <choice value="In use">In use</choice>
      <choice value="foo">foo</choice>
      <choice value="bar">bar</choice>
      <title>Your Title Here</title>
          <query>|inputlookup 2040Info.csv | search IP_Address=$IPAddress_token$ Status=$Status_token$</query>
        <option name="count">20</option>
        <option name="dataOverlayMode">none</option>
        <option name="drilldown">cell</option>
        <option name="percentagesRow">false</option>
        <option name="rowNumbers">false</option>
        <option name="totalsRow">false</option>
        <option name="wrap">true</option>
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