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How to test a coldToFrozenScript?

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I'm writing a script to archive frozen data to S3, and the archiving documentation seems pretty straightforward. Here's what I'm not so clear about: what's the best way to test my script once I've written it? How can I manually trigger a bucket to roll from cold to frozen?

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You can create a test index with small value for these attributes
1. maxWarmDBCount (default 300, set to 1)
2. maxHotSpanSecs (default 777600 or 90 days, set to 3600 or 1hr)
3. maxDataSize (set to 1 i.e. 1 MB)
4. maxTotalDataSizeMB (set to 1 i.e. 1 MB)
5. frozenTimePeriodInSecs (default 188697600 , set to 3600)

Now setup some data to go to that index (or setup a scheduled search which uses collect command to send some test data to it). With above configurations, the data will roll to frozen frequently to test your script.

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