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How to tell if a log is originating from a school computer?

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I want to figure out how many schools in my state are hitting my website. I was wondering if there is some way to be able to generate that information without manually having to go through and look at each individual IP address and figure out where it's coming from. Is there anyway to program a search or be able to tell if an IP address is coming from a school's computer lab or server? I know it seems a little bit of a far-fetched questions, but looking through millions and millions of IP addresses manually is not possible. I was wondering if anybody would know how to do this?

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I think you will need to use a service like MaxMind to do this. There are some free services but of those that I know about they only go so far as provide the city/location and not the organization. MaxMind, for a small fee, will give you the name of the organization that is assigned that IP Address. Check them out at MaxMind

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