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How to send a dictionary or a json as an extraData with Splunk mint iOS SDK

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I have an iOS project where I send analytics logs.
I have a dictionary ( [String: Any] ) that I am able to send to Splunk using a JSON encoder and making HTTP request with Alamofire.

That works perfectly but that does not handle logs when the device is offline. I have read that the Splunk mint SDK handles/cache a certain amount of logs when the device is offline. I want to continue using all the dashboards I made with Splunk cloud.

I am able to send log events with the SDK but my issue is that I can only send a dictionary of type [String: String] with no sub-dictionary. I would like to send a dictionary with sub dictionaries etc of type [String: Any] like I am able to do with an HTTP request.
I am using this function: Mint.sharedInstance().logEvent(withName: "name", logLevel: InfoLogLevel, extraData: data)
Thanks for your help!

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