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How to search custom_data CSV files across several apps using lookup table command?


I have several similar apps. They share global searches and dashboards.
They each have custom data in a lookup table, custom_data.csv.
Is it possible to see all the custom_data.csv files in a single search using an admin account?

Normally I would generate a list of apps via a |rest call and then do a |map search.

I cannot figure out how to cross apps with a lookup table command inputlookup.

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Hi fk319,

Here is the problem... if you have three apps...

    local - app.conf, transforms.conf
    lookups - mylookup.csv
    metadata - local.meta / default.meta

    local - app.conf, transforms.conf
    lookups - mylookup.csv
    metadata - local.meta / default.meta

    local - app.conf, transforms.conf
    lookups - mylookup.csv
    metadata - local.meta / default.meta

If you go to http://localhost:8000/en-US/app/app1/search, you get appA's mylookup.csv
If you go to http://localhost:8000/en-US/app/app2/search, you get appB's mylookup.csv
If you go to http://localhost:8000/en-US/app/app3/search, you get appC's mylookup.csv

If you go to search though, you get app3's version of the mylookup.csv.

This is because of splunk's config file precidence.. config files (and in this case lookups) will be brought from (lowest to highest)


And in the case of apps, if the same configuration is in multiple apps, it's going to pick the app that is the highest alphanumeric value, unless you are in that app, where it will take the data from that app.

So...putting together the results from three lookup files with the same name is a problem.

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All this I understand.
In my case app1, app2, and app3 are the same app, but they are different users. They share the same dashboards and searches but have different data.
I am looking for a way for an admin, to review mylookup for all three apps at the same time.

in my case, mylookup will seldom change, but if user1 makes a change in app1, I would like for the admin to look at their dashboard and review the change without checking the apps individually.

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3. Read in a lookup table in a CSV file
Search the users.csv lookup file, which is in the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/lookups or 
$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/<app_name>/lookups directory.

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