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How to save search result into a pdf and csv?


Hi All,

How to save the following result into pdf and csv format in my local pc

stats count(eval(Column2="Success")) as "Success count" count(eval(Column2="Incomplete" OR Column2="Timeout")) as "Fail count" by Column1

Advance Thanks

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If you want to export your search results manually you can export them as CSV in search app.

alt text

If you want to export the results on a daily or weekly basis you can build a scheduled report.
1. Save your search as a report
2. Edit your report as 'Schedule report'
3. Plan your schedule
4. Add Action 'Send as email'
5. Activate 'Attatch CSV' and 'Attatch PDF'
6. Click on 'Save'

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Thanks for your reply, But here i want with outperform any action i need the result in pdf, means need to add something in the query

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