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How to resolve "TcpOutputProc - Queue for group ICSRouting-checkpoint has begun dropping events" error?

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We use a Heavy Forwarder (HF) to forward CheckPoint logs to an external third-party SIEM using the TCP protocol.
I have noticed from time to time this kind of errors:

01-25-2017 15:47:44.071 +0100 INFO TcpOutputProc - Queue for group ICSRouting-checkpoint has stopped dropping events
01-25-2017 15:47:44.688 +0100 WARN TcpOutputProc - Queue for group ICSRouting-checkpoint has begun dropping events

just a few milliseconds of failure?
I checked my queue size which seems ok:

02-08-2017 20:57:22.077 +0100 INFO Metrics - group=queue, ingest_pipe=0, name=tcpout_icsrouting-checkpoint, max_size=512000

However I'm not sure my parsing queue is big enough if I rely on the largest_size > max_size_kb:

02-08-2017 20:59:26.082 +0100 INFO Metrics - group=queue, ingest_pipe=1, name=parsingqueue, max_size_kb=6144, current_size_kb=0, current_size=0, largest_size=7494, smallest_size=0

I don't have any alert from the Distributed Management Console (DMC), CPU/MEM are fine, anything else I should look at?
Could it be the third party syslog that is not handling all the traffic and cannot ack every packet my HF transmits?

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Is this issue still outstanding? We are having the same issue. Any possible solution? thanks

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So till now my research indicates that it may be related to the tcp session timeout on the firewall in between my HF and the remote syslog. to be continued...

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did this end up being the cause of your issues?

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@sassens1 Did you find out the root cause that caused this issue?

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no one? 😕

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