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How to remove spaces from CSV column names to get data into a pivot table?



I'm trying to ingest some CSV files that contain QOS metrics. The issue I have is that I need to get this data into a pivot table which stops and complains of the spaces. Now when I add the extracted attributes, I do have the options to rename each field name. Not an ideal solution if the CSV contains 100+ columns 😞

I've tried defining the SEDCMD "SEDCMD = 's/ //g'" command in props.conf but this had no effect. Has anyone come across this and auto removed the spaces?

CLASS_MRR_Backup - Throughput (I/O/sec)

So when "Add Auto-Extracted Field", I get the error "Field Name can not contain whitespace, double quotes, single quotes, curly braces or asterisks." even if I use the rename option.


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sedcmd will not work with Indexed Extractions. Remove the indexed extraction=csv from your props and extract using DELIMs. You will now be able to use SEDCMD to replace spaces with underscore (or whatever)

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I have exactly the same issue, I working to fix it, but if you have found a solution please post the answer.


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