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How to remove all words in an event except for certain ones and put them in a table?


I have a event like this

02.09.2022; seller david address 434 xyz house price 20000  [color:green] {noffloors: 5] status sold

02.09.2022; seller lenin address 222 abc  house price 30000  [color:red] {noffloors: 7] status sold

Assuming address, price, color and noffloor are not indexed as fields. How do I obtain output like this ? I am thinking of using regex but i dnt know the exact experssion

address     price      color      nofloor

434 zyz    20000   green      5

222 abc    30000  red            7


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This rex statement will extract the data based on your example events

| rex "address (?<address>.*) house price (?<price>\d+)\s+\[color:(?<color>[^\]]*)\]\s+\{noffloors:\s(?<noffloors>\d+)"

 but it's pretty rigid in that all fields must be in that format/order

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