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How to pass parameters that have spaces in the name to the Splunk REST API?


Hi All,

I am using the Splunk REST API to get the results in JSON from Splunk reports. I am able to get the results when the report name does not have any spaces in its name. However, when we have a space in the name, the REST API is unable to find the report and giving "unable to find saved search" error.

This is the endpoint I'm using:

curl -k -u userName:password https://localhost:8089/servicesNS/admin/search/search/jobs/export -d search="savedsearch "reportName"" -d output_mode=json


HI vamsy7, you'll have to uri encode the string, basically replacing the space and any other special characters with a encode symbol

There are many ways to do this, here's a good utility that does it :

For instance, %20 is the encoded symbol for a whitespace character.

Please let me know if this answers your question!

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