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How to onboard Windows Key Management Service logs to Splunk?

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Hi Splunker,

We are already onboarding Windows Event logs to Splunk, and with that now we also want to onboard windows Key Management Service logs to Splunk. Does anyone know how to onboard this type of log into Splunk?

Thanks in advance.

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Assuming, these are under Event Viewer ( For example: Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Applications and Services ) you need to add monitors like below in  the local inputs.conf of the Windows host in question.

Example: Below is the way we specify the path of the channel from EventViewer for sending over UAC logs.  This is to be defined under 

c:\program files\splunk forwarder\apps\splunk_TA_Windows\local\inputs.conf

disabled = 0


You will have to adjust the path of the channel ( log folder) accordingly to where those KMS logs are stored..  Check this link for getting the path correct:

Note:  You can also get the path by right clicking on a sampe Event >> event properties >> Details >>  XML View >>  channel name


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KMS seems to have its own event log. So just add a [wineventlog://Key Management Service] stanza with proper windows settings (sourcetype, destination index) and you should be ready to go.

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