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How to monitor network file share drive ?

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I have application data being collected on following shared folders over network :


To monitor them, is it necessary to install splunk UF at qlikviewt1 or there is a workaround ?
If there is a work around how can I modify my input stanza for same?

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Could you get the inputs from the file share? I am also having same situation. If you have already done, can you please share the arrangement you implemented? Thanks in advance,

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I am coincidentally also trying to load the qlikview data logs into Splunk from a shared drive. What did you end up doing as a solution? Splunk may see the \qlikview\ path from the cmd window and successfully adds it to the monitor, however it doesn't seem to ingest any of the files.

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Hi I also have similar requirement. Any suggestions how to monitor or feed data in to SPlunk from Qlik shared Drives.

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You can remotely probe anything by running a scripted input on another server that has a Splunk forwarder installed as an intermediary. Read about it here:

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