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How to measure the LoadTime of a dashboard OverTime


I need to be able to measure how long it takes the users of Splunk Enterprise to load given dashboards so that I can determine if they are within target values.
e.g. on average, it takes users less than 5 seconds to load dashboard A, the max is 50 seconds by user X at this time.

Now, I don't mean just how long it takes for the web component of Splunk to load (from the web access logs). Primarily I mean how long it takes to load all of the panels in the dashboard.

Also, I don't mean a search which will allow me to check how long it took to load a dashboard by running a search just after I loaded a dashboard myself. I'm looking for something I can build into a User Experience dashboard on an ongoing basis.

Potentials: there are provenance and app fields available through REST which appear to be a good starting point, I just haven't been able to link them to how long it takes to load a dashboard, and whether this data persists so that it could be queried every 5 mins, for example, to display on a dashboard .