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How to make a POST request to Splunk API in a SimpleXML javascript dashboard?

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How can I use the splunkjs "Service" class to make POST changes to .conf files via the REST API in a Splunk SimpleXML JavaScript Dashboard (embedded via <dashboard script="myscript.js">)?

I've tried to use the documentation, however it is unclear to me, if I can use this class in javascript in a SimpleXML dashboard and how.

Previously I've used SearchManager objects to query the rest API via the "| rest" command, but apparently this command only allows GET requests and not POST. This is not suitable for me as I want to CHANGE a config file directly via a javascript call to the REST API, without a workaround with a custom python search command or elsewhat.

], function($, _, Http, Service, mvc, SearchManager, TableView) {
      var endpoint = new splunkjs.Service.Endpoint(service, "search/jobs/12345");"control", {action: "cancel"}, function() { console.log("CANCELLED"))});
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@herbatology  Did you find any solution to this? I am trying to find an answer for the same question. My use case is to post a Maintenance Window when a submit button on the dashboard is clicked.

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