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How to let splunkforwarder transfering by UDP 514

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I have the question about splunkforwarder , so hope someone can help me !

First ,
I successfully used to transfer logs , as follows

host =

disabled = 0
sourcetype = http_access_log

defaultGroup =

server =


But if i want to change to UDP 514 , i search and read documents, i cant understand how to do it correctly .

Second ,
I read the, but where to use the syntax of outputtext , command or others ?

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I think you're confusing concepts quite a bit here. Outputtext is a command used in searches that does something else entirely.

Light and universal forwarders cannot send syslog data. More information in the syslog part of the outputs.conf documentation here:


As I said in my answer above, you can NOT use your forwarder for sending syslog data.

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Another sample as follows,

defaultGroup =

server =
type = udp

I want to transfer the client's logs to server' s udp 514 port,
but the server does not receive any logs from client's.

client -------------> server:514

Can splunk be ?

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