Getting Data In

How to integration Box to Splunk by REST API approach


I’m keen to understand the approach we use in splunk to get data from REST API’s. I have gone thru below blog and it says we need to install an app called “Splunk Modular Input”.

But, doesn’t say anything about this. So kindly advise the best/ proven method for REST API approach. I am trying to get data from api's (example: GET to Splunk. I am using Splunk Enterprise edition. It would be great if you can share your answer with an example.

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That blog post you linked is from 2013. I highly doubt it works anymore.

On your other question, you were told to use a different app. You mentioned you couldn't get it to work due to proxy. Then you also mentioned nothing is being blocked between you and box. However if there was a proxy issue, then something certainly was blocked.

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