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How to get the health status of a heavy (or universal) forwarder?


Hello Splunk Community,

I m running a heavy forwarder on my central syslog server in order to index most of our logs.

I have no idea on how busy my forwarder is and if I can give him more to forward.

Is there any command or tool that I can run which will help me to determine if I have room to give my forwarder to read more files to forward to my indexers?

I would have the same question for a universal forwarder.

Thank you in advance,

Etienne Grignon

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Install the Deployment Monitor app and view the "All Forwarders" tab:

Among the many things it displays, it should show you events per second, as well as how much data is being sent per forwarder.

The Splunk on Splunk app provides another view for forwarder data volume on the Metrics tab. You can split by Forwarder on the "Estimated incoming network volume" panel:

If you're looking for CPU, memory, disk i/o, etc. for the forwarders, monitor the OS for the desired metrics.