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How to get the count for this JSON value pair

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I want to get the count for the key value pair and make it in a table. Could anyone please help me on this.

My sample data looks like below:
I want to take the count of Name alone.

School {Name : "abc", Number: "123",Age:"" }

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Hello @muthu3006,
I am not quite sure I understood what you seek, but here is a sample of request that will let you elaborate on your particular case.

|makeresults|eval _raw="{\"School\":[{\"Name\" : \"abc\", \"Number\": 123,\"Age\":\"\"},{\"Name\" : \"def\", \"Number\": 456,\"Age\":\"\"},{\"Name\" : \"ghi\", \"Number\": 789,\"Age\":\"\"}]}"|spath |rename School{}.Name as names|eval nb=mvcount(names)
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