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How to force Splunk Web to use a proxy server for external calls (e.g. to Splunkbase) on Windows


Splunk's web GUI makes a few external calls out, e.g. to load the list of available apps from Splunkbase.

If my corporate network has a proxy server, how can I configure Splunk Web to use that proxy server for its remote calls?

I'm running Splunk Web on Windows Server 2008, if that's important to the answer.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you set the environment variable http_proxy, splunkweb and splunkd should obey it, and definitely do in at least some cases. I haven't looked to see if all cases obey it correctly. I don't know if we've officially committed to supporting HTTP proxies, so unsure if any lapses would be bugs or feature requests.

In any event, on UNIX, this is as simple as adding


to splunk-launch.conf

On windows, because of the way splunkd launches as a service, I'm uncertain, but in the very least you can create a global environment variable named http_proxy with the value as desired.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Quite a while later -- I see that in, that it will always sniff for http_proxy (with case smashed) unless no_proxy is set to defeat this.