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How to filter windows event logs in forwarder based on event codes?



I am trying to pull event logs from remote machines using universal forwarders. I have done the configuration in the inputs.conf files.
below is the configuration in my inputs.conf file.
disabled = 0
index = win_events
crcSalt = SOURCE

disabled = 0
index = win_events
crcSalt = SOURCE

disabled = 0
index = win_events
crcSalt = SOURCE

disabled = 0
index = win_events
crcSalt = SOURCE

Now I dont want all event codes from the logs. I would require only 4800 and 4801.
is there any way in which only the events related to the two events can be forwarded to an index.


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disabled = 0

checkpointInterval = 5

current_only = 0

start_from = oldest

index = wineventlog
# Filtering can be done with regex on the following field names :  Category, CategoryString, ComputerName, EventCode, EventType, Keywords, LogName, Message, OpCode, RecordNumber, Sid, SidType, SourceName, TaskCategory, Type, User

whitelist = EventCode=%^(400|1102|4610|4624|4625|4656|4662|4663|4697|4698|4723|4724|4728|4738|4756|4759|4765|4768|4769|4771|4776|4794|1|2|3|7|11|13|22)$%

blacklist01 = User=%^.*\$$%

blacklist02 = EventCode="4662" Message="Object Type:(?!\s*groupPolicyContainer)"

renderXml = true

suppress_text = true

suppress_sourcename= true

suppress_keywords= true

suppress_task = true

suppress_opcode = true


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