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How to filter Windows Security events by changing inputs conf


I have made the following changes in my inputs.conf. However no luck
Could anyone help me with this?


However the above whitelist filter did not work at all. Specifically I dont want Eventcode 4674 events. So I have omitted it in whitelist.But events with 4674 are not getting filtered.

Possible tries:

Do I need to specify blacklist?
Do I mention like this "Eventcode=4566" ?
Do I use anyother stanza to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

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As you've not mentioned it, did you check that the UF installed on that machine is actually version 6?

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Found my problem.. between events I had one entry with two commas in a row, which made it not work.. all good.

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Many thanks for the reply.

Yes. I have tried both whitelist and blacklist.
Still the filter did not work.
I have also tried to include evt_resolve_ad_obj = 1 in my inputs.conf.
However that also doesn't seem to work.
Could anyone please suggest any other possibilities to filter events based on event codes?

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Same problem.. whitelisting doesn't work. I would think that if you whitelist certain events everything else is blocked but not working for me either.

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Hello there,

Have you tried using blacklist instead of whitelist?

There's a good blog you can read here:

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