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How to exclude staging servers logs counting in daily license usage.


Hi, I have existing set of prod servers sending logs to splunk which has 10GB license capacity, is this possible to exclude upcoming staging servers which will be sending logs to existing licensing, might in future when we upgrade the license then we are planning to send some security logs to indexing and search for audit purpose.

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Hi @abhic25,

you can follow two approaches:

  • disable sending from stage hosts e.g. disabling Splunk Forwarder or inputs,
  • filter logs from that hosts before indexing.

the first is obviously easier and don'r consule bandwidth, the second consule bandwidth and requires a little intervene on the Indexers (or on Heavy Forwarders if present).

If you choose the second, you can follow instructions at

in few words:

in props.conf

TRANSFORMS-null= setnull

in transforms.conf

DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue



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