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How to create a scheduled search to export results as a CSV file to an external share?

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I need to create a scheduled search on a search head and automatically export the results as a .csv file, then copy the file to an external share that is mapped to my Splunk server (Linux).

I was trying to use CLI splunk search. Ran the command:

splunk search "search string" > -format csv > /myshare/file_name.csv

This works super fine, can be added to crontab, but the problem is that it requires authentication. If I manually authenticate for the first time then add the search into crontab, it will ask for credentials again?

Otherwise, can you suggest any other methods of automatically exporting search results into a file, then copy a file to an external share?

Thanks a lot!

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Do you have solution now?

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Try like this

1) Add command ...| outputcsv to your search. This will export the search results to location $SPLUNK_HOME/var/run/splunk/csv

2)Save your search as scheduled saved search and run it at your convenient cron schedule

3) Configure this saved search to run a script as the alert action (alert condition always).

4) Create script (which will run as part of alert action) to copy the exported file from $SPLUNK_HOME/var/run/splunk/csv to your external share.


Can anyone share the script for copying the file to external server?

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Did you implement this? Can you please share the script? 

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