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How to configure inputs.conf to monitor evtx files from a UNC path?


Hi all,

I have a search head running on Windows operation system and I want to monitor evt & evtx (Windows Events-Logs files) from UNC path.

I have tried many ways to do it, but with no success - I saw the monitor when I open the Data Inputs on Splunk Web, but no events are coming into splunk.

I tried to edit inputs.conf file on $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\system\local with this:

disable = false (or 0)
host = HOST
index = main


disable = false (or 0)
host = HOST
index = main

I think it is important for many people so please help me to deal with this and make reference to others.



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After you began to index your evtx file did you data come in clean? I am currently having this issue and the data is coming across null for me. I can't figure out how to fix it.

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This will work:

sourcetype = evtx_from_UNC
index = main

The problem may be that you did not set sourcetype. Also, setting host to the string HOST seems silly and it would be better for you to know the host of the machine that had the file so I removed that. Note that in the end, the stanza header should have 3 total slashes (2 forward and 1 back) after the colon like this: [monitor://\var\log/evtx\*.log] or whatever.

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