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How to compare two CSV files with multiple rows


I am looking to compare two CSV files to output a change or addition.

File 1:
User Date Status
Dave 1/1 New
Linda 1/2 Old
Bob 1/3 Old

File 2:
User Date Status
Dave 1/1 Old
Dave 1/2 New
Linda 1/2 Old
Tony 1/8 New

If the user from File 1 matches File 2 and either row "date" and "status" have changed then output that information plus any new additions. Expected output

User Date Status
Dave 1/1 Old
Dave 1/2 New
Tony 1/8 New

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You could use the "join " command to achieve functionality.
Please try the below functionality.Please let us know whether it worked.

index=source_file1 souretype=source_file1
|table Date,Status,User
|join type=inner User 
|[search index=source_file2 souretype=source_file2  
|eval Date_file2=Date,Status_file2=Status
|table Date_file2,Status_file2]
|eval match_date=if(Date_file2==Date,1,0),match_status=if(Status_file2==Status,1,0)
|where match_date=1 OR match_status=1
|table User,Date,Status
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