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How to change the default of 10 lines per page in forwarder management?

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Is there a way to change the default of "10 lines" in Forwarder Management? I find it extremely annoying that this page, unlike most other pages in Splunk, will not remember the last setting for this area. I have many more forwarders, applications, and server classes than 10, and it really slows me down when I have to add many new apps/server classes, which presently is often.


Yes there is a way but I would not recommend it as your changes would break during any upgrade. The entire page is control by javascript


If you search for the following in the file you can create custom per page.

{value:"10",label:_("10 Per Page").t()},{value:"20",label:_("20 Per Page").t()},{value:"50",label:_("50 Per Page").t()},{value:"100",label:_("100 Per Page").t()}

This doesn't answer your question exactly but need to find the piece of code which sets the default value. Unfortunately I don't have time do more for you, but I hope this gets you started.

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Hello, I share this frustration. Has anything changed in two years to allow this configuration?

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Hi @stufty

This question was posted almost 4 years ago, if you are interested in finding out more, please post it as a new question.


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