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How to add modular data inputs using Splunk command line?


I am trying to install a TA from Splunk command line. Referring to, I could install it using following command:
/opt/splunk/bin/splunk install <path to TA .tar.gz>

However, I don't know how can I setup this TA (I need to setup credentials in that) and then add its data inputs and enable them. I could not find any command for that.

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First of all it would help if you could give us the Name of the TA.
In most TAs is an README File qhere you can find further Instructions.

For the credential Setup.
Take a look in your "%splunkroot%\etc\apps[TA_NAME]\default" directory.
Are there some config files? If yes, take a look at them. (please DONT edit them)
If you can find the nessesary parameters, copy the Files you need to edit to "%splunkroot%\etc\apps[TA_NAME]\local" and edit them there.

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