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How do you retrieve custom logs from an Azure web app using Splunk Light Cloud?

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I have an Azure website where I have custom logging for user action. The logs are saved in a database. How should I send the logs to the Splunk Light Cloud server? Should I install a forwarder on the web instance? And with a forwarder, how should I get the custom logs?

Thank you.

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Rather than push logs to a database, consider using the built-in Diagnostic Logging feature of Azure Websites to ship your application logs to Blob storage. From there you can use the Splunk Add-On for Microsoft Cloud Services to pull logs into splunk.


I have set up this for Azure web app. And installed the Add-on for Microsoft cloud services. How to confirm whether we are able to access data on azure from Splunk tool (Installed on my local) ? I don't see the data in search though after this setup. Any comments?

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I have re-added the storage account and container name and it has fixed the issue.

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