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How do i Apply Timestamp, Timechart, Date time picker to multiple dateTime fields

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I am doing a search of a series of CSV files in a single folder.
The layout of these files is identical
This File has a series of Date/time columns. the Datetime picker/timestamp seems to have been applied to the first of these datetime columns (which is fine) but I would like to create graphs where the datetime pickers date range is applied to different datetime columns that i have available
for insance imagine my layout was as follows
ColumnA Text
Business_Date Datetime
ColumnB Text
Received_Date Datetime

the time stamp seems to be aligned with the Business_date... But I would like a dashboard where the date time picker/timechart features determined how data based on business_Date and Recevied_Date


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Has anyone else found an answer or workaround to this?



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