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How do I strip the namespace of JSON fields?

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Based on How to assign a field alias to a json field?

We ended up with large blocks as -

FIELDALIAS-alias0 = "apiRequest.reqInfo.clientID" AS clientID
FIELDALIAS-alias1 = "apiRequest.reqHeader.appContext" AS appContext
FIELDALIAS-alias2 = "apiRequest.reqHeader.dob" AS dob
FIELDALIAS-alias3 = "apiRequest.reqHeader.encryptedUserName" AS encryptedUserName
FIELDALIAS-alias4 = "apiRequest.reqHeader.firstName" AS firstName
FIELDALIAS-alias5 = "apiRequest.reqHeader.lastName" AS lastName
FIELDALIAS-alias6 = "apiRequest.reqHeader.memberId" AS memberId

Is there a way to strip the JSON namespace of the fields instead of aliasing each one of them as we do above?

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Our sales engineer said -

Unfortunately, the FIELDALIAS stanza in props.conf cannot accept wildcards. You’d have to write a custom field extraction (though this is pretty trivial) and give-up the automatic field extractions Splunk performs on the JSON structure.

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Much appreciated @somesoni2 !!!

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Can you please share some sample data?

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