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How do I split out a result So that I have a count of True and False

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here is what I am trying to do I have a bunch of IP address's
Source Count 19984 18314 15660 7045 3709 2422 1946 1660 1592 1395 1276 1003 947 780 730 704 629 610 577 569 531 464

And I would like to see that percentage of my IP addresses come from 10.150 and what percentage does not. So I would like to see
Vlan150 70%
other 30%

Any help would be appreciated

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Try something like this

your current search giving Source Count | eval Source=if(like(Source,"10.150.%"),"VLAN 150","Others") | stats sum(Count) as Count by Source | eventstats sum(Count) as Total | eval Perc=round(Count*100/Total,2) | table Source Perc
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| eval network=if(cidrmatch("",Source), "Vlan150", "Other") | top network limit=0

This is great way to separate out events based on a network and is documented in the splunk eval command at the below link.

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Like this:

... | stats count count(eval(source=10.150.*)) AS Vlan | eval Vlan = 100(Vlan/count) | eval other = 100-Vlan
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