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How do I make a Splunk query that reads all error code , it's message and count?

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I have a JSON response now, and, from that, i want to create a table that will have all Unique Error Codes, Messages and Count . I am not able to read the JSON message in Splunk. How can we do this in Splunk? Below is one sample JSON response which i have

level:   DEBUG  
line:    43 
logger:  ErrorUtils 
message: Error: {"ErrorCode":"201","Message":"Invalid User"}    

I have created a query just to read the eventtype. i am not sure how i can proceed further on this.

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Assuming your json is properly formatted, try setting KV_Mode=json in your props.conf file against that sourcetype. It should automatically extract the field values from the json events.

You can read more about it here:

Let me know if that helps.

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Can you share your whole JSON event?

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