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How do I go about filtering data with transform.conf?


I am using universal forwarders installed on my domain controllers, and I am successfully filtering specific events (props.conf and transform.conf are show below). This is working as we want it to work, and the data is being indexed into "SecEvents".

I want to add a new server and index into the same index (SecEvents); however, the list of event IDs are different. How can I filter from multiple sources? I've tried adding the host into the REGEX in the transform - but nothing I've tried works.

For the sake of simplicity - let's just say I want events 1000 and 2000 from the "new server", and I want them to drop into the SecEvents index.

Thanks for your help!

Contents of props.conf

TRANSFORMS-security = events-null, events-filter

Contents of transform.conf

DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue

#The last 3...may generate a for them
DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = indexQueue
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Splunk Employee

hi @ksbuchanan

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Why not filter at the universal forwarder level ? Refer to blog post Controlling 4662 Messages in the Windows Security Event Log or to Monitor Windows event log data in particular the whitelist/blacklist section

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