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How do I get a Splunk script to run on all universal forwarders in my environment?

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I'm trying to get a script to run on all of the servers I have universal forwarders on. When I setup my script I went through the GUI to setup the script

Script path $Splunk_HOME\etc\app\search\bin
Script Name Status.cmd

The script runs but it only runs on the server. How do I get the script to run on all of the forwarders?


I think you may be missing something important architecturally here. To be able to "push a script" to forwarders, you need:

  1. The script itself, packaged in the form of a Splunk app. (Leaving it in the search app won't do)
  2. A Splunk deployment server to distribute the app to clients
  3. Forwarders that are configured to check in (poll) that deployment server

Without (at least) these three things you won't have success. This doc link may help you get closer:

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