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How do I find out the settings for a universal forwarder

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I've been given ownership of Splunk at my job. I've gone through most of the manuals, but I haven't seen anything that answers this question. The universal forwarder is on a Windows 2003 server and splunk is on it's own Red Hat server. Currently Splunk is working for all jobs that have been created, but I can't get the forwarder on windows to work.

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More detail would be helpful to the community to give you better direction. Generically, you can figure out your applied settings by running the command:

splunk cmd btool [conf file] list --debug

... so to figure that you have the forwarder correctly configured to send data to your indexer, you would run

splunk cmd btool outputs list --debug

You can also dig through the logs at



pointing out that "cmd btool" is especially helpful in that it will show you the resulting configuration when you may have multiple apps' configuration files.

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