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How do I edit Universal Forwarder aeq queue size?

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Hi Community,

on Universal Forwarder I see these logs:


09-29-2022 12:12:17.410 +0200 INFO  Metrics - group=queue, name=aeq, blocked=true, max_size_kb=500, current_size_kb=499, current_size=61, largest_size=61, smallest_size=18



I know is related to gz files, in fact splunk is monitoring files gz.

In order to increase queue size, I usually push server.conf with new values, like this.


maxSize = 2MB



It seems not working because I keep seeing in logs 


Metrics - group=queue, name=aeq, blocked=true, max_size_kb=500



Do you know how can be edited this queue size?




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Any update on this topic? I also have set mine higher and the max_size_kb remains at 500.

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Need more info on that.. inputs.conf from indexer what port is configured etc.

outputs.conf from forwarder

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Hi SinghK,

inputs.conf on indexers


disabled = 0

serverCert = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/slave-apps/certs/myserver.pem
requireClientCert = true



outputs.conf on forwarder


index                   = false

defaultGroup            = my_indexers
forceTimebasedAutoLB    = true
indexAndForward         = false
clientCert              = $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/certs/myserver.pem
useClientSSLCompression = true

disabled                = false
useACK                  = true
server                  = idx1:9997,id2:9997,id3:9997,id4:9997,id5:9997,id6:9997



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