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How come our API results are only returning the first 100 results for metadata?


I'm trying to get the number of hosts reporting to Splunk via API, but the a normal curl -k is only able to return 100 results.

I tried adding the "count=0" parameter, but it just gives me 100 and cannot go further.

My search strings below.

curl -u user:passwd -k https://XXXX:8089/services/search/jobs -d search="metadata%20type%3Dhosts"
url -u user:passwd -k https://XXXX:8089/services/search/jobs/md_1551723351.24391/results?output_mode=csv&count=0

Any help is appreciated

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This is how I got mine to work, not sure the difference between mine and yours, but this worked for me
curl -k -u 'username:password' "$sidkey/results?count=0&output_mode=csv"

my sidkey is just the sid within a variable , change it to a valid sid

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