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How can we find the Heavy Forwarders data flow?

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We have two Heavy Forwarders through which quite a bit of data is flowing through. We have access to the back end, such as to the metrics logs but not to the UI. How can we find out the daily amount of data which goes through these heavy forwarders?

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Assuming that you named your HF tier differently than your Indexer tier, you can use a search like this:

index=_internal AND component=Metrics tcpout* | stats values(name) dc(name) AS options BY host | sort 0 options


Hi there,

i'm a new splunker

I'd like to know what's means of these search result, such as "management", "" i can understand there is my HF ip and port, but what's means of :3:1, I have seen :0:0, :0:1....

thanks in advance.


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You can look in the metrics.log of the HWF how much they received.
And you can look on the next level indexer how much they received form the forwarders (and group them per type)

example for the volume received by the indexers per forwarder type. (full = heavy forwarder)

        index=_internal  host=*myindexer*  source=*metrics.log* group=tcpin_connections fwdType| stats sum(kb) by hostname fwdType
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YOu can run CLI searches to those metrics logs to get the data you want (provided you've Splunk credentials with permission to view _internal index).

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Most cheerful @somesoni2 - thank you.

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