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How can i redirect data from an index to a new one

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I would like to know how can i redirect data from a general index to a new one ?

Example :
General index : hostname / ip / port

New index : only port


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Hi baroudiem,
if you want to send events that contain a string, you can override the index value depending on a regex On your indexer or heavy forwarder:

# etc/system/local/transforms.conf 

     DEST_KEY =_MetaData:Index
     REGEX = .
     FORMAT = my_new_index


     TRANSFORMS-index = overrideindex

If instead you want to duplicate in another index a subset of your fields (not all the events), it isn't a good idea to index twice because you have a double license consuption , the best thing is to schedule a search that extract the fields you want and then collect them in one of the following ways:

  • if they aren't so much, in a lookup using the outputlookup command;
  • if they are many, in a summary index using the collect command.


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Hi baroudiem,
if you're satisfied by this answer, please accept and/or upvote it.

Bye, see next time.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

As in "I would like to duplicate a subset of selected events data to another index on top of the current one"?

I suggest you please clarify your question.

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