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How can I identity forwarder data rate and index data rate (to identify a lag and prioritize logs)?

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Is there any way where we can identify how much data the forwarder is sending and how much data is being indexed in real-time?
The problem is that I have a single forwarder that is sending data to a single indexer and its sending multiple logs i.e. 50 monitored files with different indexes. I am receiving data from a few indexes in real time whereas for some indexes I am having a lag, so I want to remove the lag and if possible give higher preferences to some logs file.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For forwarder lag, start to look at the metrics.log on the forwarder, if you see that it is hitting a plateau of kbps speed, it may be that you are hitting the default thuput limit.
see this article

Also look at the timestamp, maybe is it a timezone issue.

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