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How can I add an previous date count information column?

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I'd like to see the previous date count together with the current date count on one line. Is there a way?

The present condition is as follows:

=> spl : | stats count("bug_id") as count by date

date count

2019-01-31 100

2019-01-29 75

2019-01-21 50

The examples I want are as follows.
( add column : pre_date_count)

date count pre_date_count

2019-01-31 100 75
2019-01-29 75 50
2019-01-21 50

Thank you for your interest.

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=> spl : | stats count("bug_id") as count by date
|reverse|streamstats current=f window=1 last(count) as pre_date_count |reverse
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