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Help with Ingesting Data into Splunk Cloud HEC via python script

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Hello all,

I am attempting to ingest data via a python script that retrieves data from an API and then forwards the results into my personal Splunk Cloud instance using the HTTP event collector.  I am running into an issue with the splunk field extractions when I run my python script and I have attached a screenshot below.  The results are being sent as one event when I want them to be sent as 19 individual events and the interesting fields are also including "near_earth_objects.2020-01-02") when I just want the fields to be "absolute_magnitude_h" since I intend to ingest historical data for multiple dates.  Is the issue with data formatting being sent from my python script or do I need to change a configuration in my splunk cloud instance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.splunk.JPG

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If you don't have a problem with the license, you can get by with a query.

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